Bajaj Finance Ltd.

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Bajaj Finance Ltd.


Product Details –

Bajaj Finance Ltd is one the top NBFCs in India, which offers products such as Personal Loan, Home Loan, Fixed Deposit, EMI Network, Doctor Loan etc. They have awesome product features such as –

  1. Online easy loan application process
  2. Instant loan approvals
  3. Cash disbursals in 72 hours

Campaign Summary –


Bajaj Finance Ltd wanted to improve their Google rankings for primary keywords such as Personal Loan, Home Loan, Fixed Deposit, etc. For that purpose they started doing SEO. But as we all know, SEO requires quality content such as Blog articles, Backlink articles, Press release articles, Website content and much more.

As a result, Bajaj Finance Ltd felt a need for good quality and CopyScape free content. They were looking for 100’s of content for each product on a monthly basis for their SEO activities.


That’s when DigiSpread reached out to them to offer them good quality, CopyScape free content. DigiSpread offered them CAT B and CAT C Blog as well as Backlinks articles for their SEO needs.

DigiSpread ensured that all the content are unique and SEO friendly. DigiSpread focused on primary as well as secondary keywords while writing such content. We also made sure that we are writing around trending topics and we used LSI keywords as well. Currently, we are writing 100’s of content for each of the below products every month –

  1. Personal Loan
  2. Home Loan
  3. Fixed Deposit
  4. EMI Store
  5. Doctor Loan
  6. CA Load
  7. etc.


    With the help of DigiSpread’s talented Content Team and high quality content, Bajaj Finance Ltd has been able to rank at top position in Google for primary keywords. It helped them generate tons of organic traffic and leads online.

    Refer below snapshot – Query searched: personal loan

    Reference article which we had written for Bajaj Finance Ltd –

    Author: Vishal Kangane

    Vishal Kangane is the Co-Founder and Marketing Director at DigiSpread. With more than five years of expertise in Digital Marketing (SEO, SMM & SEM), he packs a punch to make the client’s marketing plans work like a charm. He also loves to blog & cook in his free time!

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