The Basics of inbound online Lead Generation Revealed!

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The Basics of inbound online Lead Generation Revealed!

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First things first!

If you want to make your website the online lead generation machine, but have some traffic issues, let’s help you with it. Divide your efforts into two parts, and then you are ready to start.

Part 1: Get Traffic to Your Website

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For some time, try to forget about getting the leads from your site – just focus on getting people or traffic to your website before you can convert them into a lead. Let’s show you how to do it.

Create blogs that answers your customers’ concerns

Make it a point that you do not only do blogging about your latest company news or product launch – your posts should be generic and educational. Meet up your sales representatives and know what questions are often discussed in the sales cycle.

Then, go ahead and answer all those questions in a series of blog posts. That way, when people do research into their industries and look for answers to those questions, they can click on your blogs.

Be informed to know that the basic and yet the most important key to generating traffic to your website is by writing such blogs that answer your end-users’ questions.

What’s more, whatever new blog post that you write also provides you with bigger opportunities to get found in the search and shared on social media – leading to website traffic.

Part 2: Convert Visitors into Leads

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Once you have the entire traffic-generation concept down-pat, you can concentrate on online lead generation from your website. Let’s show how to do it.

Create an eBook to leave a form on a landing page

If you want someone to become your lead on your website, you can get them to fill out a form on a landing page. Don’t ask for their payment details. Ask for their contact information such as name, email address, company, etc.

However, keep in mind that no one will be willing to give you their contact information for free – you will need to give them something in return. You can provide them free eBook, presentation, template, whitepaper or similar ‘an offer.’

It will be suggested to give your customers an eBook as the first offer and create one accordingly.

Use Call-to-action on blogs to drive users

Okay, now that you have lots of blog posts and a landing page for your first offer, but there is no connection between the two, right? Enter call-to-action – they are images or texts in your blogs that will direct people to your landing page.

They may read like this:

“If you want to dig deeper into optimizing your marketing, download the full guide right away.”

CTAs are very important

Regardless of whether your CTAs are texts or images, it is your call-to-action that can generate leads from your blogs that you write.

You need to add them throughout the post or even in the sidebar of the blog.

What else to do?

Of course, there are much more than you can do. Customized campaigns, active social media participation, and smart website content – this is the basics, that’s all.

You need to keep repeating this online lead generation process time and again for new topics and answers that your visitors want to know and you will be able to build a healthy pipeline of leads and traffic. All the best!

Author: Vishal Kangane

Vishal Kangane is a Digital Marketing professional with more than 7 years of experience in Internet Marketing (SEO, Content Marketing, SMM etc.) He packs a punch to make the client’s marketing plans work like a charm. He also loves to blog & cook in his free time!

The Basics Of Inbound Online Lead Generation Revealed!
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The Basics Of Inbound Online Lead Generation Revealed!
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