May 9, 2017

Content Writing Services

Content Writing Services

Content writing is a game of consistency and patience, and the sooner it gets started, the faster it reveals the effects of content marketing services. Content on your website/ social handles/ lead generation landing pages should be able to draw the attention of the readers, attract them towards your product and services, and persuade their perceptions. Content plays a major role in every digital marketing campaign like SEO, Social Media Marketing, PPC Campaigns etc.

Why choose DigiSpread for Content Writing Services?

As a leading SEO agency, we focus on creating engaging and factual content keeping in mind the needs of your organization. We make sure even a single piece of content is built around the keyword plan and is put through rigorous quality efforts with comprehensive research. We aim at building authority through content that can drive huge traffic. We have all the tools and resources in-house to provide the best SEO copywriting services in India and the other parts of the world. To ensure the quality of the content, we use Copyscape, Grammarly etc. tools. We also make use of Buzzsumo, Google trends platforms for producing content around trending topics. Our content writers and editors are well aware of SEO guidelines, which enables us to write unique content while maintaining a keyword density of 2-4%. We have experience in writing guest post articles, press release articles, website content, blog articles, social media posts.

Our content writing process includes the following steps:

  1. Content ideation:
  2. After knowing what the audience demands, we tailor the content as per your services and products.

  3. Content research:
  4. Before writing the content, we make sure that the content team is well through with the topic and relevant keywords. The writers do a detailed research to bring out content that is in trend.

  5. Content creation:
  6. Once we get the idea of content creation, we make wireframes t check if the content is suiting the product and services of the client. After the wireframe is made, we write the content.

  7. Content review and editing:
  8. Writing is not just the end of the story. After the content is developed, it goes through many editing phases. At last the optimized and unique content is produced.

  9. Sharing:
  10. After the content is developed, we make an effective social distribution plan to share the content across the internet.

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Content Writing Services
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