5 Killer SEO tips for E-Commerce success in 2018

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5 Killer SEO tips for E-Commerce success in 2018


No two brands and their nature of businesses are alike. When it comes to selecting the right SEO tips for e-commerce website success, you must analyze what type of industry you serve, your audience, products and services and beyond.

Once you know the metrics, you will be able to dish out the right ecommerce SEO packages as per your demands.

Follow these top 5 e-commerce SEO tips in 2018 and ride the wave of SEO trends in 2018. This will surely increase your Estore traffic and leads.

Top 5 SEO Tips for E-commerce Websites in 2018

1. Avoid duplicate content for product descriptions

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While it’s easy to use the product descriptions provided by a manufacturer, there are chances that you end up matching the content of thin affiliate websites. The best thing that you can do is; create an original content for product descriptions and consider using the NOINDEX tag on product pages that you can write original descriptions. You can take the help of any of the reliable content marketing service providers to help you always draft enticing content.

2. Product reviews and user generated content

You should encourage your users to review products and provide feedback. Like this, you can get free content, and it will also make each page unique and keep it fresh. On the other hand, user generated content will help your product pages to reach the top of the search engine results. What’s more, more than 70% online shoppers look for product reviews before purchasing a product. So, it’s better you get it as soon as possible.

3. Blog integration for products promotion

Want to create fresh and unique content? Keep posting about the offers, deals, tips and discounts that you have to offer for the products that you want to promote. Writing an interesting blog is an excellent method to establish a chord with your audience through leadership and building trust. Also, never forget to provide back links to your product pages internally.

4. Long tail keywords optimization

You should know you can rank long tail keywords easily and they also offer a better conversion rate. You need to understand the search demands for your products and implement keywords in the H1 heading tag, Image alt attribute, Meta tags and content on product pages accordingly. The golden rule is not to stuff keywords during the process.

5. Go mobile

More and more online shoppers are going mobile while surfing the internet, shopping, and social media and much more, the sale via mobile devices is increasing. To tap this growing trend, you need to have a mobile friendly or mobile-optimized e-commerce website. You could also implement mobile SEO techniques to go ahead on mobile searches and grab better chances to beat e-commerce websites dominating mobile web searches. You also need to decide, what does your brand need - A mobile app or a mobile website.

If you consider these 5 eCommerce SEO tips in 2018 for your eStore website, then your e-commerce website will be flooded with traffic. You can also opt for the right e-commerce SEO packages to start working in the right direction from an eCommerce SEO packages service provider at the earliest. Go ride the wave of SEO trends in 2018.

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5 Killer SEO Tips For E-Commerce Success In 2018
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5 Killer SEO Tips For E-Commerce Success In 2018
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