Here’s How DigiSpread Helped VidViral Skyrocket Its Sales!

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Here's How DigiSpread Helped VidViral Skyrocket Its Sales!


Product Details

VidViral is a web app which converts any boring and non-appealing video into a viral one in seconds. You don’t need to install anything or need any prior design skills to handle or use this software. This awesome tool is released by Rack Infotech Pvt. Ltd.

Some unique features of VidViral app are –

  1. Multiple video source option
  2. Video memes creation is possible in any language
  3. Tons of images and characters
  4. Cloud rending is possible
  5. Single click video share on Facebook
  6. You don’t need anything else to install
  7. And many more features

Campaign Summary


Rack Infotech Pvt. Ltd., a Pune based top app development company, had recently launched their product VidViral in the US and Canada market. This unique online video editing and traffic generating SAAS app is excellent still, it could not do well in the targeted market. Rack Infotech Pvt. Ltd. was worried about this, and hence they reached out to DigiSpread for a solution.


DigiSpread helped them in their product re-launch in the target market. DigiSpread run below successful campaigns for them –

  1. Influencer marketing campaign
  2. Facebook marketing campaign
  3. Content marketing campaign


    With the help of DigiSpread’s online marketing team, VidViral got promoted by more than 80+ influencers. It helped Rack Infotech to grow their VidViral app sale and earn around $31K in just fist 3 weeks of re-launch.

    Later, using custom audience and lookalike audience, DigiSpread run Facebook Campaigns, which helped Rack Infotech to earn around $11K. DigiSpread were also running Content Marketing campaigns for VidViral. It got around $3K revenue. So in total Rack Infotech was able earn around $45K revenue through VidViral app sale using above marketing strategies.

    Author: Vishal Kangane

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