May 9, 2017

Our Team

Our Team

Harshal Jadhav

Co-Founder & Managing Director

Harshal Jadhav is among the Co-Founders of DigiSpread. He is responsible for tasks related to Affiliate Marketing such as promoting affiliate products and driving more leads and sales. He is well known for his Email Marketing, and Product Launches work. At DigiSpread, he makes sure that the client’s product is getting efficiently promoted and they are getting optimum results for the same. He also looks after the finance department of DigiSpread.

Rohan Chaudhary

Co-Founder & Sales Director

Rohan Chaudhary is a Co-Founder and Sales Director in DigiSpread. He looks after business development. He understands client requirements and pitches best possible solution for the client. Moreover, he drives business and gets more clients for DigiSpread. He also looks after all the legal procedures and documentation with the clients. He ensures that we have a complete transparent and fair agreement tenure with the client.

Vishal Kangane

Co-Founder & Marketing Director

Vishal Kangane is the Co-Founder and Marketing Director in DigiSpreads. With more than 5 years of experience in Digital Marketing (SEO, SMM, SEM) he understands client's online marketing needs. He helps the client with formulating digital marketing strategies, planning the marketing activities, and getting it executed through a talented pool of resource are his skills.

Amit Gaikwad

Business Development Manager

Amit Gaikwad is working as a business development manager in DigiSpread. He is responsible for managing the client's projects. He has been playing an efficient role in training our employees and turning them to be an efficient resource for the company. He has more than 5 years of experience in dealing with technical and functional aspects of the project.

Dyaneshwar Wadhavane

System Admin

Dyaneshwar Wadhavane is a system administrative in DigiSpread. He plays an influential role in LAN/WAN/NOC Administration, Project Management, Workflow Planning, Productivity Improvement, Technical Support, Systems Installation, Configuration & Upgrading, Security Solutions, OS Patches , and Updates.

Yogesh Shugani

UI Developer

Yogesh Shugani is working as a UI Developer for past 1 year. He is solely into Front End Development. As a UI Developer in DigiSpread, he plays a major role in Information Architect, Design, Maintenance and Execution of the Website. He has played an important role in developing influential website designs for our potential clients and for DigiSpread itself.

Nutan Wani

Graphic Designer

Nutan Wani has been working as a Graphics Designer for more than 3 Years. As a Creative Designer in DigiSpread, She is responsible for the Design of the content and Layout of the Website. She plays a major role in designing banners and other creative content of the client’s Website. She ensure the client’s website looks attractive and lively.

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