SIMS Metal Management Increased Their Traffic in One Month

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SIMS Metal Management Increased Their Traffic in One Month


About SIMS Metal Management

Sims Metal Management is a world’s leading publicly listed recycler that is committed to health, sustainability, environment, and community. It deals with operations encompassing the processing, buying, and selling of ferrous and non-ferrous recycled metals. It has turned to be a global recycle business that has established operations in Continental Europe, United Kingdom, North America, Africa, and Asia.

The Problem

Though known as one of the leading metal recyclers, Sims Metal Management came to DigiSpread with a hard challenge. They were facing problem to grow their presence online which yielded to poor ranking in SERP, distorted traffic number in Google Analytics, and ineffective URL traffic system.

The Solution

We decided to adopt a 360-degree approach to search engine optimization process that consists of content optimization, on-site SEO, link building, and marketing. As a result, we delivered results across search landscape, and they were able to see three times increase in their website traffic in one month.

In the month of April Sims had 25,000 visits on their websites that were increased to 75,000 in May after initiating our SEO strategies. We also analyzed that most of the traffic was coming from the United States, whereas the least traffic was from Philippians. This helped us determine Sims’s potential market.

Moreover our SEO strategies also increased the number of organic traffic to their websites in the month of May.

In the above mentioned image, it is clearly mentioned that almost 58.2 percent traffic was organic while, 26.8 percent was direct, 13.32 percent was referral, and 1.88 percent was from email subscribers. Our strategies helped Sims to initiate organic traffic and the number of paid traffic significantly went low.

Our Strategies

1. Keyword Research and Competitive analysis:

We wanted to create evergreen content for the customers. We found that keyword research was the best way to develop such articles. With our proper content optimization strategies, we were able to develop quality and relevant content that could engage the targeted audience. With right keyword usage, we could

  • Access traffic potential according to monthly search volume
  • Rank higher by targeting less competitive words
  • Increase organic traffic by targeting keywords that were not used by competitors
  • Align keywords that were frequently searched by the customers

With the help of Google Keyword Planner, we were able to find a keyword that had significant monthly search volume, had long-tail keyword variation, and were searched easily. We plugged the targeted keyword into the keyword planner and headed up to the list of keywords generated such as metal management Midwest Inc, where to sell scrap metal, scrap metal buyers near me, and more. We also combined them with short keywords such as metal management, sell metal, and more. This increased their websites conversion rates and their ranking on SERP.

2. Content Creation:

We looked forward in creating a quality and evergreen content to rank it first on a search engine. We evaluated and analyzed what the targeted audience wants to read and what was most informative and relevant for them. This helped us to make link building easier and content promotional. We brimmed the content with useful information and in-text links for easy navigation.

We also included definitions that were listed on top articles. Then we also included the stuff others missed that made our content unique. We aimed in including almost everything to make it in-depth, up-to-date for better user experience.

3. On-Page Optimization:

On-page factors are the most important elements of the web page that significantly affects search engine ranking. They educate Google about the page, the valuability of the content, and the keywords that are needed to be ranked. We made sure that the content is well-optimized for related and target keywords. For this reason, we considered strong on-page SEO and had less off-page signals to rank (links) so that we get a chance on reputed sites. We made sure that the keywords are placed right on targeted areas such as title tags, URL, heading tags, and on the one fold of the page so that it becomes easy for Google to scroll and search the keywords.

We also made use of LSI keywords to boost the relevancy of the content. We also made use of keywords that had no search volume on Google so that the content does not look over-optimized. We also ensured adding images, screenshots, videos to increase viewers time on the page, scroll depth, and decrease bounce rates. Moreover, adding multimedia stuff also increased the perceived value of content so that more viewers can link and share it.

We also linked our content to the other resources so that the website can attain top ranking on SERP. We added internal links that can funnel the traffic and page rank from high-traffic authority from your sites.

4. Generating Email Subscribers:

We wanted to continuously re-engage the audience, build a relationship with them, and convert them into customers. For this, we created a lead magnet that offered something relevant and valuable to the audience in return for their subscription to the website such as free e-books, trial checklist, and short videos. In our content, we chose the pop-up tactic and lead box with the help of a Sumome app.

Although visitors started entering the email address to get the lead magnet, they were not on our email list. So we realized that we would have to process two important things. We wanted to get them to confirm their email address and deliver the lead magnet directly on mail. We wanted to make sure that people are clicking the link we had to send in the confirmation email to ensure that they have subscribed to the page. After clicking the link, they can download the lead magnet.

5. Content Promotion:

In the early stages, we wanted to promote our content on a larger scale so that it can get an early wave of exposure. This would also drive social engagement and result in online mentions and natural backlinks. We could also climb high on SERPs with all these processes. We made use of social media automation so that our post can automatically and repeatedly get displayed on social media walls in a pan of one week and later one month. With established following, we got social media account where we could share the content. We also started answering to audience’s questions on relevant topics on Quora and Forum through our well-descriptive content. All this helped us get more connected to the audience and making a big place in the market.

We introduced all these strategies to outline Sims Metal management in search engine and we were able to assure our goal within a month. The content we created for them was a mix of images, screenshots, and videos and highly optimized foe targeted keywords. For upcoming months we planned same strategies that proved to be a great show.

Author: Vishal Kangane

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