5 Marketing Tips for Facebook In 2018

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Top 5 Marketing Tips for Facebook In 2018

Facebook Marketing Tips

Facebook is fast evolving and evolving faster than our thoughts. What started as a podium to share dog images and connect and chat with friends has come a long way.

It has turned out into a network of 1.80 billion active users and counting.

And yes, just like the users, the platform has also changed even for marketers. As a result, the social media giant has changed drastically in just a few years and staying relevant and up to date with transition can be a challenge.

It is vital for marketers to address the changes and make changes in their Facebook marketing plan accordingly to stay up and close to the competition.

For the same I'm sharing here top 5 marketing tips for Facebook in 2018. To reap bigger benefits follow these five Facebook marketing tips in 2018. Let’s begin, shall we?

1. It’s time to get comfy with shooting video

Video Shooting

Did you know that video on Facebook makes for only 0.9% of all posts? But, here’s a crazy thing about that: these 0.9% videos posts accounts for around 8% of all network reach. And yes, the number is growing significantly.

In the recent past, Facebook has emerged as a competitor to YouTube for video uploads because video posts are now ruling the social media. If you have a business and you are yet to include videos in your Facebook marketing plan, it is the time to do it.

You need not be a professional photographer to kick off and capitalize on this. All that you need is a Smartphone, good lighting, nice background and you are good to go.

2. Set up Saved Audience

Facebook Saved Audience

The Saved Audience could be incredibly useful – especially if you have a specific market to target. You can create a custom audience based on set criterions within Facebook’s Business Manager.

Doing this enables you to advertise to a set people group which make sure that your niche content meets and fulfills the needs of the correct demographic.

You can test it – it’s 100 free to set up which lets you see how large your audience is before you can start paying up for the ads.

3. Go for retargeting


Have a business and a website? You must try your hands at retargeting campaigns. Yes, include in your agenda of the Facebook marketing plan as it’s one of the most profitable advertising forms online these days.

In short, retargeting helps you advertise to people who have already paid your website a visit. Just install Facebook’s tracking pixel on your Smartphone, and let visitors roll in.

4. Add a call to action on your page

Call To Action

Facebook has added this element quite recently, and every business page owner should make the most of the opportunity.

Yes, on your Facebook page, you can now add a call to action sitting in the bottom right-hand corner of the cover image.

These call to action buttons make it easier for your page fans to interact and engage with your business. Don’t let extra site traffic get out of your hand – include the trick in your Facebook marketing package or plan for sure.

5. Be responsive to your messages

Response to message

Have you noticed that Facebook now calculates the total time that you take to reply to a customer? Yes, it is counting the aspect into its algorithm. Make sure to respond to a customer’s message on Facebook – the faster, the better.

As a matter of fact, the response time also displays on your business page so that visitors will see how quickly or how late you respond.

A faster turnaround means attracting more customers and not replying for days may lag your business, image.

The bottom line

Thus, when you are creating your Facebook marketing plan for your business, ensure to include and incorporate all discussed tricks. It will help your business score over your competitors and return your massive traffic, lead generation and conversions gradually.

Author: Vishal Kangane

Vishal Kangane is a Digital Marketing professional with more than 7 years of experience in Internet Marketing (SEO, Content Marketing, SMM etc.) He packs a punch to make the client’s marketing plans work like a charm. He also loves to blog & cook in his free time!

Top 5 Marketing Tips for Facebook In 2018
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Top 5 Marketing Tips for Facebook In 2018
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  • Great article. I’ve been searching for tips on how to make improvement in social media marketing and this really helps a lot. I’ve also already tried a few (around only 2 or 3) of these techniques and got great results. Well, thanks again for sharing your insight. I’ll try these techniques as well.

  • Nice article, now a days in social media facebook plays key role in business development and 5 tips are very useful.These type of articles are really helpful for all business developers.Thanks for sharing.

  • Thanks for writing such a good article on Facebook marketing concept. I am looking to try these techniques for my website birchi.in People always try direct method but most of time these trick don’t works. Your tips are helpful for the person to make good blog marketing for their websites or blog. This content is so valuable and surely unique that people are happy and really helpful for them. there is no any other ways to get customers than email Marketing and no any pressure from your side, neither in the form of request nor hint or reminder in any ways.

    • Thanks for showing interest in our content. Yes, you are correct that apart from facebook marketing there is another way as well for the lead generation. Email marketing is one of them. But it’s first important to generate leads and then start email marketing. You can check more details about our lead generation services here – https://digispread.com/lead-generation-services/

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