Top 5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube in 2018!

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Top 5 Ways to Make Money on YouTube in 2018!


First things first!

Do you want to know how to make money on YouTube? If you have a presence on YouTube, you can make huge bucks in quick time.


Let me take you through top 5 time-tested ways that will help you make money on YouTube in 2018. These ways certainly works but only if you are ready to put your energy into it. All that you need to do is create video content and publish it onto your YouTube channel. Consistency is the key to success.

Invest just 5 minutes of your time and get to know the steps zipping fast.

Why YouTube For Making Money Online?

Yes, you may question why YouTube to make money from videos?

It is because of the interesting fact that YouTube gets around 1 billion unique visitors every month which is a massive audience.

The number of people who watch online videos has gone up in 2017.

You can have a look at the below graph, target your YouTube videos in those countries and expand your money-making possibilities.

Have a look and know why making money via YouTube videos is a safe bet these days!

Many online marketers and users are already making money on YouTube, and YouTube already has 1 million video makers in its Partner Program single-handedly.

Nonetheless, going forward, it may not be that easy to earn money on lesser videos views! Why? YouTube has implemented a rule in the Partner Program!

Now, video creators won’t turn on monetization until they get 10,000-lifetime views on their channel. YouTube has deployed the rule to remove bad actors from the platform.

Thus, generating a million views on a video is not simple and easy.

Your videos won’t instigate income flow from YouTube ads or revenues. Luckily, there are other methods as well.

Top 5 Ways To Make Money On YouTube:

1. Use YouTube to generate traffic to your website:

If you have a blog or a website that earns you money, you will need traffic.

A huge chunk of websites was impacted by Google updates such as Panda, Penguin, and Hummingbird.

If you were hit as well, it’s hurting! Thus, you can go ahead and use YouTube to not only to regain traffic but even increase it.

You could kick off with Creator Playbook! Once you are ready, you can plan to repurpose some older content into videos and even create fresh video content.

Your aim should be linking to your website in the first sentence of the video descriptions. It will help you funnel your traffic to YouTube to where you want it to go! Then, you can run AdSense or Affiliate Programs, or you can even sell your own product to make money.

Here is how Nisha Madhulika, is using her YouTube channel to drive around 3.30M of monthly traffic to her food blog. Nisha Madhulika is India’s top YouTube content creators, and she showcases food recipes on her YouTube channel. She has around 3.3M subscribers. Take a look at Nisha Madhulika’s YouTube channel.

He is one the top YouTube content creators with 15M subscribers. With the help of video content, he drives traffic to his online e-commerce store (Maverick).

His online e-commerce store enjoys monthly traffic of around 5.80M. Out of this, around 35% traffic comes from Social Media, in which YouTube traffic has highest traffic share of 92%. With such huge traffic, Logan Paul must be cashing out huge bucks by promoting and selling his merchandise.

3. You can sell others’ products as affiliates:

Affiliate marketing denotes selling others’ product in exchange for some money or commission to be precise.

A majority of companies offers amazing deals and offers to affiliates who take efforts and promote their products.

Right from giant companies such as Amazon to eBay to small companies, all do affiliate marketing.

Nonetheless, you can also join many affiliate networks such as, Commission Junction, Amazon, JVZoo and, Clickbank and more.

Affiliates earn some percentage of commission ranging from 10% to 60% depending on the affiliate platforms that they choose.

To make money as an affiliate on YouTube, you can review the affiliate products on video and make ‘how to use this product’ types of tutorials or guide

Never forget to link to your own products in the YouTube descriptions and – ensure that you are using your affiliate link, or else you won’t be rewarded with credit for sales.

4. Make Web Series:

If you love telling stories, YouTube enables you to create your Internet/TV Series or Show.

You are free to create drama, comedy or a talk-show series with maximum length being 15 minutes.

You will need to extend your limit if you want to shoot, produce and upload longer videos.

You can earn money with the help of monetizing your web series using the YouTube AdSense program. You can also earn money from video content by sponsoring other brands and promoting them through your videos. It’s also known as brand integrations though video content.

Here is how The Viral Fever Videos (TVF), did it for TATA Motors.

TVF is India’s one of the top video content creators in the Web Series category. They create short web series video content. They have around 3M subscribers. Take a look at TVF YouTube channel.

TATA Motors partnered with TVF video channel, to promote their hatchback car Tiago. For this TVF came up with a Tripling web series, which revolves around road trip with the siblings. In this web series, TATA Tiago is used for road trips. For this TATA Motors paid them a huge chunk of bucks. Take a look at TVF’s Tripling web series.

This is one of the best examples of Brand Integration.

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