We Increased 11,065% More Organic Traffic of UAV Coach in 6 Months

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We Increased 11,065% More Organic Traffic of UAV Coach in 6 Months

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About UAV Coach

UAV Coach was started by Alan Perlman to provide a training course for sUAS pilots aiming to clear FAA Aeronautical for becoming certified drone pilots. He wanted people to break into the industry and build a business around training would be pilots. To do this he needed to find out a right way to generate more traffic and recurring leads. For this reason, he contacted DigiSpread to help him with this assignment.

After digging into the entire scenario, we understood that we have to build an SEO strategy centered around quality and relevant content development that can generate significant exposure, capture leads and convert them into potential customers, and position the brand’s authority in the industry.

The first post that we developed for UAV Coach was “ How to fly a Quadcopter- An Ultimate Guide.” it was an in-depth article of around 5,000 words that guided aspiring pilots to safely fly the automatic control quadcopter. Because of the targeted keyword “how to fly a quadcopter” along with several other long-tailed keywords, the article ranked #1.

In the first six months, the post brought in 21.4 percent of UAV Coach's total traffic. Moreover, the post captured 2,335 emails that made it top four lead generator for the business. The post took three months to reach the first page and six months to reach on top. After six months the organic traffic has generated a whoop of 20,314-page reviews.

We could see a rapid growth in organic search engine traffic. The results were significantly rich month over month and we were able to increase the company’s email list and generate revenue through its affiliate partners.

Our Strategies

1. Keyword Research and Competitive analysis

We wanted to create evergreen content for beginner pilots and the best way to develop such articles was keyword research. Although the process was a bit hassle but we were able to develop quality and relevant content that could engage the targeted audience. With the help of right keyword usage we were able to

  • Access traffic potential as per monthly search volume
  • Rank faster and higher by targeting less competitive words
  • Increase organic traffic by targeting keywords that are missed by the competitors
  • Align keywords with the intention of a customer who would search them accordingly

Finding Right Keyword

We headed over to the Google Keyword Planner and typed some head keywords.

We then scrolled to the latest keyword section and ordered the data from highest to lowest.

We downloaded the data and reviewed each keywords that was relevant such as how to fly a quadcopter.” we chose this keyword because it had significant monthly search volume of around 720, its was what beginning pilots would initially search for, it had a number of long-tail keyword variations, and it was a topic that could be researched easily.

Most of the people make mistake of targeting only the search volume of the keyword and they loose lot of potential audience. While the keyword we searched only had 720 monthly searches, the aggregate search volume of related keywords dropped to thousands.

Finding Additional Keywords

We plugged the targeted keyword into the keyword planner and headed uo to the list of keywords generated

We were able to find many additional keywords such as learn to fly drones (140), beginner quadcopter(480) and more.

Although Google Keyword Planner is good to find relevant keywords, it shows similar results to everyone. So we followed some strategies to uncover the list of keywords missed by the competitors.

1. Google “Search related to…”

We performed a Google Search for our targeted keywords. We could see the list of related long-tail keywords. We took one keyword from the list and searched the related terms and repeated the process until there was a long list of relevant keywords.

2. UberSuggest

Entering keywords manually into Google can be time-consuming. Ubersuggest is an easy way to quickly scale the keyword research strategy. This tool grabs information from Google Suggest and provides a huge list of keyword suggestions from entering a single term by taking your seed keyword and appending every letter of the alphabet. For example, when we typed the keyword "quadcopter" into Google we got a list of suggestions such as Add Media but then when we entered the keyword with another letter, Google Suggest listed out different suggestions. This way Ubersuggest scrapes all the data and do all the heavy lifting to avoid spending too much time.

From the "Keyword Overview" report, we clicked to view the full "Related Keywords" list and got access to 951 related keywords with their search volume search trends, competition level, and a direct link to view SERP of every keyword.

Author: Vishal Kangane

Vishal Kangane is a Digital Marketing professional with more than 7 years of experience in Internet Marketing (SEO, Content Marketing, SMM etc.) He packs a punch to make the client’s marketing plans work like a charm. He also loves to blog & cook in his free time!

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